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Xavier Fumat 

Xavier is Los Angeles based artist, his work is a mixture of photography and printmaking with an extraordinal alternative touch.  He utilizes his own photography, as well as images, captured from old racing videos to create shapes with images. His works are lively and brightly colorful with a playful feel, they are from images in his brain, for example, he uses his own photography mixed with video stills of mid to late 1960s sports car races. He combines big cities with desert and racing images to create a snapshot of the way he sees things. Snapshots… In “Slide” the image came from a slide he found in a dirty alley while taking photos for future projects. The slide was highly damaged by weather and scratches and when he scanned this found object incredibly beautiful and mysterious. “Old wrecked car” comes from photos taken at Bodie California ghost town of a late 1920s car weather and destroyed by years of nature combined with leftover pieces of transfer materials used for other works. Combined the work is just a shape looking much like an old wrecked car. His work is made on fine art printmaking papers such as somerset, arches, reeves, fabriano, saunders, and waterford which are the same papers from projects at Gemini GEL where he works as a master printer with the gallery’s top artists. Currently, he works as a master printer at Gemini GEL as well as a Printmaking Adjunct Faculty at the University of Southern California. (Proficient lecturer and researcher with 10+ years of experience teaching courses on an undergraduate level. Project collaborator for Richard Serra at Gemini G.E.L. for 23 years with work on 200+ editions.)

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