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CALTAMAR 8/10/15

Stone on wood pedestal  67” x 28” x 20”


For the past thirty years, Davy has worked with stone in unaltered states, either from the sea or the earth, incorporating them into assemblages of precarious balance that appear to be in flux.  Art writer Shana Nys Dambrot observed that Davy’s work is essentially a “kind of collaboration between artist and nature,” one in which the artist “prefers to cooperate with the pre-existing uniqueness and objecthood of his materials.”

He might be thought of as among the first “green” Postmodern artists.  In fact, he comes from a long tradition of post 60s artists, who either directly or just by their practical sensibility, engage Eastern or Zen notions of oneness with nature, organic systems of change as engines of art composition, and non-disruptive respect for natural material in unaltered states. These works manage this, as they illuminate the poetry of nature. As Holly Meyers observed in the Los Angeles Times, there is “something thrilling about a work that appears to defy its own natural properties,” while at the same time one can appreciate the work’s “meditative reverence.”


Coral mix, on granite and wood base  80” x 24” x 24”

CALTAMAR 11/14/17

Stone on wood pedestal   80” x 57” x 25”

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