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Pietro Librici is an Italian artist who has lived in Los Angeles, California since 2021. Pietro was born in 1985 in Legnano, which is a province of Milan, Italy. Pietro and his family lived in both the northern Italian city of Lombardy, as well the southern island of Sicily. His origins and unique life experiences growing up in these regions are revealed and reflected in his artwork. Librici's work and philosophy of life have been impacted by his background in classical dance, as well as studies that resulted in the BFA he earned in 2007 and MFA he earned in 2010, both from Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan, with a specialization in the restoration of contemporary artwork. 


Following his studies, Librici worked for the restoration of Amundsen’s glass slides in Norway, and also worked in London. He later returned to Italy and focused on his own artwork while teaching illustration at a fashion design institute.  Pietro had his first solo exhibition in 2014 in Milan. In addition to being a finalist for many different art contests in Italy, he won a Circuit Dinamici, also received a Premio jury prize in 2017. Pietro initially approached the human figure with a cultured and classical perspective but emerged more as an experimenter as he gradually came to a deeper understanding of the truth about his life and himself through reflection, exploration and research. Pietro Librici's artistic practice contemplates the use of rigorous techniques, excellent materials, and long preparation in the search for original forms of expression – where trial and error are both a limitation and a new horizon.

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