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Kloé Vano

Kloé Vano lives and works in Cannes, France. Her abstract paintings have been exhibited in Europe, the United States and Japan. Her lyrical abstractions open the reservoir of emotion and affect, exploring color, space, depth, and textures.


Disguised images of the unconscious, Vano's work succeeds in surprising us by its evocative capacity. When she obscures an image, we recall the techniques of Gerard Richter. When she looks to evoke water and roses, we think of Monet.


Through it all, however, the artist keeps her personality and originality intact. Her sensitivity outweighs all other considerations, and it is the unexpected which she embraces. 

"I am free of all intention, of all systems, of all trends; I have no program, nor style, nor pretension. I love the uncertainty, the infinite and permanent insecurity" - Kloé Vano.

Window on

48” x 40” Oil on Canvas


48” x 40” Oil on Canvas


48” x 40” Oil on Canvas

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