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4 seasons series 

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SPRING regenerate



"Spring, which can be said to be the beginning of the four seasons, begins with “early spring” when the energy stored in winter slowly exudes, and the beautiful but sometimes hazy “middle spring” is sent along with the mountain scenery in full bloom, and “late spring” comes by the time the flowers fall. Installation in the middle of gallery space, which is abstract and multidimensional and creates this series of spring transitions, changes the way you feel and the relationship with the surrounding artworks, depending on the viewing angle and viewpoint.


Composed of multi-layer translucent fabric, this installation is intuitively reminiscent of "spring" due to its softness and fragility, and digital projection on the fabric layers enhances the phenomenal spring transition in the gallery space."

by Kengo Kawagashira (architectural space designer)

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Kengo was born and raised in Hiroshima, Japan. He developed his aesthetic vision through explorations in contemporary art, fashion, and music.  2019, Kengo joined Anand Devarajan Architecture Inc in Los Angeles as a Junior Architectural Designer after receiving a Master’s of Architecture Degree from Texas A&M University. Prior to graduate school, he obtained a Bachelor of Architecture Degree at Kyushu University in 2017.

Kengo has traveled to 20 countries and visited over 50 major cities across Europe, Asia, North and South America from an early age. He has been exploring different cultures, cuisine, and environmental differences consistently.  His unique travel interests lead him to explore architectural masterpieces, historical buildings and natural heritage. Those experiences in his early stage have been enhancing his creativity, which always comes with wide and multi-layered concepts and visual aesthetics/ psychological effects.

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