Kenji Tsutsumi 


Kenji Tusumi resident in Osaka, Japan. 


“I am a traveler on the journey and my work has evolved to the theme of travelers.  I have drawn a solitary journey, a journey with a dog, a journey with a family contentedly settled, and so on.  I visualize those journeys taking place in locations that look familiar but do not exist....”


1969     Born in Kobe, Japan

1988     Entered Kanazawa College of Art

1993     Selected to exhibit at Koukuten Exhibition for the first time-every year since 1993

1994    Completed Master Dagree in oil painting at Kanazawa College of Art, Japan


Kenji Tsutsumi has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Japan.

He is an active member of *kokugakai.


* kokugakai – The society for National Painting