"I am not a Christian and so I can only view the bible from a 'story' perspective. When I thought about why god didn’t forgive Eve for her eating a forbidden fruit, I wondered if it wasn’t the pleasant feeling that Eve felt as a consequence of eating the fruit that god couldn’t allow as opposed to god being disapproving of the eating of the fruit itself.     

I felt that this sentiment something shared in Buddhism; the virtue of controlling your emotions and feelings. By making my own apple - an apple that lays bare raw emotion, I feel I have been able to express my interpretation of this story."

Junsuke Yokoyama 

Yokoyama first began painting when he was studying law at Komazawa University. Since then, he has focused mostly on oil paintings,  but he recently expanded his area of focus to making two-dimensional works and also creating three-dimensional pieces.  His art mainly possesses themes that derive from his consistent thoughts and emotions that come and go freely, often expressed through depictions of plants and women.