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Hiroshi Mori is a Japanese aritist based in Tokyo Japan, earned a Master's degree at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2013. There, he studied painting production by the use of new media. Influenced by the Rimpa School of traditional Japanese painting and modern animation ("anime") culture, Mori combines traditional art with modern expression and technologies, aiming to express the anxiousness towards reality and hopes for the future by images full of rich symbolic metaphors.


Hiroshi Mori likes to create novel art. During the development of his “Religious" painting series, he first tried using digital technologies to inject gold base tone into the artworks without using real gold. After multiple tests, a new artistic technique was born. As for his interest in blending new technologies into his artworks, he explains,

“As a contemporary artist, I would create use of the latest technologies as a testament to living in this age.”


Girl with a Parasol 

Wooden panel, acrylic, urethane, UV curing resin

63" x 39.4" 

HiroshiMori_Pearl Earring_2.jpg

Girl with Pearl Earring

Wooden panel, acrylic, urethane, UV curing resin

63" x 39.4" 

This painting was chosen among 2200 submissions as the recipient of the Yumi Yamaguchi award of the Terrada Art Awards, one of top 7 in 2015.  The distinguished awards are hosted by Warehouse TERRADA, an art works storage space service which houses the T-Art Gallery and Terratoria, a multipurpose space in the warehouse district of Tennoz, Tokyo.

"My work is influenced by the Japanese unique Dojin culture in anime and manga field. Utilizing that culture as background of my thinking process, I analyze works of old masters; then remix the two into a painting. The piece is a parody of Japanese Bijin-ga, the portrait of a beautiful lady.  It presents Vermeer's “Girl with a Pearl Earring” deteriorated with glitches, which resurfaces as 8-bit mosaic work."  

- Hiroshi Mori 


Favorite Place - Boy meets cat

Oil, acrylic, urethane on canvas   63.8" x 106.3" x 1.2"

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