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Courtney Rackley 



Washington, PA



Harvard University, MFA

New York University, BFA



Chop Chop, Hollywood, CA

Shareen Vintage, Venice, CA

Tracy Park Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Fairfax Art Show, Hollywood, CA



John Aaroe & Assoc. Beverly Hills, CA

Physical Medicine Chiropractic, Beverly Hills, CA

Kent Properties, Colorado Springs, CO

The Food Designers, Colorado Springs, CO

Deborah Cahn, NYC

Michael Heller, NYC

Josh Singer, Los Feliz, CA

Josh Shultz, Hollywood, CA

Mark Wilson, Los Angeles, CA

Mike Tansill, Mar Vista, CA

Mike Kirshenbaum, Venice, CA

Brad Gottfred, Hollywood, CA

Helen & Herb Jones, Studio City, CA

Heather & Andrew Darrigan, Colorado Springs, CO


"I leave notes for myself on the bathroom mirror. In Red Lipstick. I talk to myself. Outloud. I talk to others. Sometimes they aren't there. I fingerpaint. I paint my toes. I have great feet. My eyes have sunflowers in them. I spend a fortune on my hair, but I don't own a brush. I always carry a camera but forget to take pictures. I clean my house, but don' hang up my clothes. My favorite color is pink. And turquoise. And purple. I eat ice cream in the winter. With hot chocolate. I don't keep peanut butter or avocados in the house. Because I will eat them all in one sitting. Maybe even together. I hate to moisturize but always floss. I believe in fortune cookies. And that whatever thoughts you water will grow. I don't kill spiders. Unless they are in the shower with me. I'm Outgoing, but love to be Alone. Sometimes I'm a contradiction, but I'm not. I paint as I think. Like I live. In Organized Chaos."

- Courtney Rackley 

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