Spray Can 1

Chromogenic print

Dimensions: 94 x 72 inches, 238.8 x 182.9 cm

Ivan Butorac


The exhibition features large-scale photographs shot both on medium format film and digital camera and will be on display during fall and winter. In this exhibition Art Sniper aka Ivan Butorac glorifies the Spray Can and merges two art styles: Popular Culture and Street Art/Graffiti. The spray can have its own powerful voice. It allows people to make an extension of themselves, so they can express their vision and voice. The can holds great power of the beholder.  Art Sniper uses his powerful photography skills, keen sense of design, and color to create mesmerizing works which hypnotize the viewer’s mind. All the work has been created as sculptural installations in the studio and then photographed. Drawing on the elements of meditation and healing in nature, he acknowledges all those who yearn for self-expression and would risk everything, even freedom, and life, to deliver their message. Ivan Butorac is based in Los Angeles, CA.
”Love for art started at an early age, I remember coming home from school with friends and watching their reaction after seeing my parents' art that was everywhere in the house, it was magical, I discovered the power art and color have on human emotion and mood.” Ivan Butorac Heavily influenced by his parents who are both established artists, Butorac was always in a state of motion and experimented with a multitude of media. He studied at the Arts Academy in Belgrade and was always in flux later in 2014 spent a year working for the artist Saint Clair Cemin in his studio in Brooklyn, NY. Seeing what is then dreaming and creating a space for this new reality is what Butorac has done since he was a child. His work sits between meaning and no meaning; abstract and non-abstract, also geometric. He is not interested in conveying a message, but more interested in posing questions:
What does this look like?
Does it remind me of something? 
How does this make me feel?

“Art is about creating a space for the viewer. It is the discovery of one’s own possibilities. It’s about freedom, self-expression, following your interests, and going beyond the rational mind. I am interested in bringing light into the world.” Ivan Butorac

Spray Can 10

Chromogenic print